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Day offer in a trial lesson in climbing

learning climbing with Tauernalpin-mountain guides - 1 x per week in the climbing parc Danielsberg in Kolbnitz.

We also have a highly modern indoor sports climbing facility in the close surrounding in Mühldorf:

The Rock Kletterpark

We gladly also organise a professional mountain and sports climbing guide for you individually!

Hiking summer 2013

  • 06.07. until 17.08.2013
  • from € 449,00 per person/week 
Details of the Package

Grüne Almen - weiße Gipfel 2014

  • 17.05. bis 31.05.2014
  • ab € 309,00 pro Person/Woche
Details zur Pauschale



The upper towern are a paradis for climber.

Climbing for everyone:

routenclimbing with fix stands, rich variety on climbing equipment and many of the most beautiful fixed rope routes
in the eastern alps.

Ferienhotel Alber, A-9822 Mallnitz 26, Tel: +43(4784)525, Fax: +43(4784)527,

Ferienhotel Alber, A-9822 Mallnitz 26, Tel: +43(4784)525, Fax: +43(4784)527,