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wildlife safari in the national parc


As Tauerngold operation, we are the ideal address for the "golden" Discover in the National Park region Hohe Tauern Carinthia.

With National Park Wildhütern in the footsteps of bearded vulture & golden eagle
Wherever in the world is a national park visit, will also animals in the wild observed. Such a unique nature experience you can now also in the Hohe Tauern National Park book. On quiet soles and under the careful guidance of National Park Wildhütern may vary depending on destination and time of the year be observed: powerful ibex, chamois, deer, Auer & Birkhähne, marmots and the domination of the skies - bearded vultures and golden eagles.
The best: To Abendpirsch morning and will return to a rustic hunting lodges of the national park overnight.

Our special offer for you: Wildlife Safari in National Park  


Hiking summer 2013

  • 06.07. until 17.08.2013
  • from € 449,00 per person/week 
Details of the Package

Grüne Almen - weiße Gipfel 2014

  • 17.05. bis 31.05.2014
  • ab € 309,00 pro Person/Woche
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Ferienhotel Alber, A-9822 Mallnitz 26, Tel: +43(4784)525, Fax: +43(4784)527,

Ferienhotel Alber, A-9822 Mallnitz 26, Tel: +43(4784)525, Fax: +43(4784)527,