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Arthur von Schmidhaus

Arthur von Schmidhaus - advanced summit hike - approx. 4 h from the village square or approx. 2 1/2 h from the Dösen valley parking lot
From the east through the city on the road "Wine Route" along the rail above the valley floor to get to way table "Leitner climb." First you follow the steep uphill climb, past the Viehstall and later reached the right climbing over a fence. Over the past the peasant meadows Rosskopf reached the Beautiful view, and from there follow the road until the junction doze Alm You can also up here with her car. From here the valley on a bridge, past a "Venezianersäge" on pastures, to the great source of "Kritzbrunn" follow the past Almway through the forest to the hut Konrad (not farmed). After the hut on the river, then on the first stage in steep switchbacks, past doze at the not farmed Dösener hut, left past the paints to the next valley steppless in Serpentinen, with several bends which is overcome. On the bars arrived, you have the beautiful picture of the shelter on the shore of the lake with the doze Säuleckgipfel in the background.

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Ferienhotel Alber, A-9822 Mallnitz 26, Tel: +43(4784)525, Fax: +43(4784)527,

Ferienhotel Alber, A-9822 Mallnitz 26, Tel: +43(4784)525, Fax: +43(4784)527,