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Mallnitz - Häusleralm (690 Hm, 2 hours) - "Dolomitenblick (1,5 Std.) - Himmelbauer-Mallnitz (241 Hm, 2,5 hours)
West of the town on "Hengstenberway" begins the Lonzaway about the "Winklerbalfen" and the "Stocker Köpfl". The somewhat strenuous, rapidly gained altitude hairpin climb through the forest glades later by the same upward to Häusleralm. From there you can then Ridgeway south along the slope of the Lonzahöhe to the Dolomitenblick, where you can enjoy the splendid panorama. From there it continues westward reached after about half an hour "Stanerhüttn" and the AV-way 139th. From "Stanahüttn" downstream to the forfeited houses of stone, then east on the grave to the hut "Himmelbuaer), east of here on Gugganigsteig after Lassach and further to Mallnitz.

Mountain's calling 2013

  • 17.08. until 06.10.2013
  • from € 365,00 per person/week up 
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Hiking summer 2013

  • 06.07. until 17.08.2013
  • from € 449,00 per person/week 
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Grüne Almen - weiße Gipfel 2014

  • 17.05. bis 31.05.2014
  • ab € 309,00 pro Person/Woche
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Ferienhotel Alber, A-9822 Mallnitz 26, Tel: +43(4784)525, Fax: +43(4784)527,

Ferienhotel Alber, A-9822 Mallnitz 26, Tel: +43(4784)525, Fax: +43(4784)527,