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Mallnitz - Hochalmblick (2,5 hours)

Between the Hotel Alber and the photo shop the way leads by the “Königshof” until the foot of the Hindenburghöhe. Follow the Ebenlingweg through the wild romantic woodland (Wilpark) than you go a slightly rising way above to the south portal of the Tauern tunnel and reached soon thereafter before Weißenbach the road. After the Weißenbach you crossing on a bridge the Seebach and reaches after the straight climb across the Alm the Köfeleweg, after the bridge, the road leads to the Raineralm and continue to Ankogelbahn to the valley station. You also can go by bus or car until the Ankogelbahn. From the car park left after the forest and the slightly rising hill begin the climb (road No. 517), you go continue upwards through the Gatterbichl until the Haselgrube. From here continue on the left side up by Latschenbestände, then right at the middle station to Alpine inn "Hochalmblick".

Above the station begins the new AV-way 517, it follows the old Roman road and mule track, which is still visible. About the back in Serpentinien up, then west slightly rising by block to get to Tauernhöhen-way 502, turn left to the small Tauernsee, soon after the turn. On the way AV-516, turns right into a steep uphill to reach the narrow pass, 2,460 m (national border). As back up.




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Ferienhotel Alber, A-9822 Mallnitz 26, Tel: +43(4784)525, Fax: +43(4784)527,

Ferienhotel Alber, A-9822 Mallnitz 26, Tel: +43(4784)525, Fax: +43(4784)527,